Bournemouth Arrow Cycling Club New Website

I’ve just finished creating my latest website project, this time for the Bournemouth Arrow Cycling Club. I’ve been a member of the Arrow since 1990 and have been a keen cyclist ever since I had my first proper bike. I think this is my best piece of work to date and I’ve really enjoyed building it. I’ve based the site on the ever popular WordPress platform in order to for us to be able to keep the website up to date with fresh news. I’ve incorporated a nice image slider using the jQuery Library, as well as an image scroller in the footer area, again courtesy of some nice Javascript (no flash here my friends!). My favourite part is the news feed excerpts on the home page. I spent a fair while ‘faffing’ around with these, but finally got then how I wanted after adding some extra php to ‘get’ the thumbnails (using the featured image functionality). There’s still a bit of work left to do in terms of adding content, but on the whole, it seems to already be serving its purpose very well, offering fresh news to club members all of which is sent at the click of a button across to our Facebook group page. Take a look: Bournemouth Arrow Cycling Club.

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Christmas Special – Website Offer!

Seeing it’s the season of good will, I’m offing a deal of 33% off for any new customer who contacts me before 10th Jan 2013.  If you were looking for a fairly large website with say 15 – 20 pages, I’ll charge around £500 instead of the normal price of around £750.

Contact me today to take advantage of this Christmas craziness!

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iPhone 5!

So, what’s new?  You can already hear the critics moaning about a lack of new features, or are they?  I’d say this is actually the most significant update yet, mainly due to the larger screen.  I guess what makes it so impressive, is how they have achieved all of these improvements, but managed to make it thinner and lighter at the same time.

It’s 7.6mm thick, which is 18% thinner than the 4S.  112 grams is also quite a bit lighter than 140 grams for the 4S.  The screen is now 1,136 by 640 pixels, thats 112,640 pixels more than the 4S! This all means we will get 5 rows of apps on the screen instead of 4 and a generally all round improved experience.

The camera gets an upgraded outer sapphire lens and ‘Panorama’ which looks pretty cool.  Video footage will have improved video stabilisation. The headphones have received an overhaul as has the connector, which may upset a few of us who will now need to fork out £30 for the adaptor!

Hopefully I will get to find out properly next week, but my first impressions of the handset are, as always, very good.  The short video on the Apple website is well worth a look, it really shows off the level of detail that they go into.  Pretty impressive stuff.

So, how do they do it?  They are now the most valuable company in the world, their share price is almost £700 per share and even after 5 previous versions of the iPhone, they still seems to manage to get us as excited as the time before, or is it just me?!

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Third Generation Apple iPad Announced!

So, the moment us Apple fans have been waiting for, the new iPad has now been announced!

Here’s a quick run down of the main new features (in no particular order):

1. 5MP iSight camera (same camera lens as iPhone 4S – backside illuminated sensor with a five element lens)

2. Retina display (2048×1536 pixels – that’s 3.1 million pixels or 264 pixels per inch!)

3. A5X quad-core chip, but still 10 hours battery life (so they claim)

4. Ultra-fast wireless (4G)

5. iLife and iWork will now be available for the iPad

6. HD video recording (1080p)

7. Dictation

It will be priced at £399 for the entry level model (so no price increase which is nice).

iPad 2 will now drop to £329 for the basic 16GB model.

So, maybe nothing that groundbreaking at face value, but the retina display at 264PPI is going to be truly amazing, and the quad-core chip should make for sensational graphics power.

Available in store from March the 16th or pre-order online now.

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Beware! Fake iPads!

Interesting article on Bloomberg today regarding fake iPads.  If it seems to good to be true, it probably is! Beware of cheap iPads, they might be snide! Read article.

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iPhone 4S Review

So, after all of the hype and queuing, was it worth it?  I think the answer depends largely on whether you were upgrading from a 3GS or another brand of phone, as opposed to simply upgrading from the iPhone 4.  I’ve had an iPhone ever since the day the first one was launched, so I can’t really comment about other makes of smartphones.  All I can say is, whenever a work colleague or friend (although I’m struggling to think of a friend who doesn’t have an iPhone) shows me a Samsung or something similar, I never see any features that are cool enough to make me consider trying one.  So for 3GS upgrades,  yes, this is a very worthwhile upgrade as the performance is going to be a significant improvement.  The first thing you will notice is the Retina display, this was the thing that impressed me the most about the iPhone 4.  It really is amazing, with 326 pixels per inch, it is pin sharp and even the smallest of fonts are readable (Samsung Galaxy S2 is 218 ppi just for reference).  The other main difference from the 3GS is the case, the quality is excellent and it feels high end compared to the 3GS.  If you already had the 4, you’re only getting the A5 chip, a better camera and the Siri software.  There is the choice of a 64GB memory option also.  The camera is definitely better, I took some shots in poor light and the results are a definite improvement.  Internet pages load faster, especially over 3G.  The Siri feature is fun and works better than I expected, definitely a cool feature and with a little perseverance, it could be a really useful addition .  So I think it is fair to say that if you already had the 4, there really isn’t any point in upgrading to the 4S unless you really want the Siri feature, the iOS5 operating system update is really all you need.  However, I upgraded and I’m not disappointed.  If you’re an Apple fanatic, it’s always worth it!  No doubt I’ll find myself in another queue when the iPhone 5 launches.

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fourSite Web Design Blog page goes live 14th October 2011

Hi and welcome to our new blog page. Check here to see our special offers, latest products, and up-to-date chat on the latest news about web development. We are also gadget fans, so will be sharing our thoughts in the latest releases. Check back soon, iPhone 4s review in the pipeline!


Will Stevens

fourSite Web Design Ltd.

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