Bournemouth Arrow Cycling Club New Website

I’ve just finished creating my latest website project, this time for the Bournemouth Arrow Cycling Club. I’ve been a member of the Arrow since 1990 and have been a keen cyclist ever since I had my first proper bike. I think this is my best piece of work to date and I’ve really enjoyed building it. I’ve based the site on the ever popular WordPress platform in order to for us to be able to keep the website up to date with fresh news. I’ve incorporated a nice image slider using the jQuery Library, as well as an image scroller in the footer area, again courtesy of some nice Javascript (no flash here my friends!). My favourite part is the news feed excerpts on the home page. I spent a fair while ‘faffing’ around with these, but finally got then how I wanted after adding some extra php to ‘get’ the thumbnails (using the featured image functionality). There’s still a bit of work left to do in terms of adding content, but on the whole, it seems to already be serving its purpose very well, offering fresh news to club members all of which is sent at the click of a button across to our Facebook group page. Take a look: Bournemouth Arrow Cycling Club.

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