iPhone 5!

So, what’s new?  You can already hear the critics moaning about a lack of new features, or are they?  I’d say this is actually the most significant update yet, mainly due to the larger screen.  I guess what makes it so impressive, is how they have achieved all of these improvements, but managed to make it thinner and lighter at the same time.

It’s 7.6mm thick, which is 18% thinner than the 4S.  112 grams is also quite a bit lighter than 140 grams for the 4S.  The screen is now 1,136 by 640 pixels, thats 112,640 pixels more than the 4S! This all means we will get 5 rows of apps on the screen instead of 4 and a generally all round improved experience.

The camera gets an upgraded outer sapphire lens and ‘Panorama’ which looks pretty cool.  Video footage will have improved video stabilisation. The headphones have received an overhaul as has the connector, which may upset a few of us who will now need to fork out £30 for the adaptor!

Hopefully I will get to find out properly next week, but my first impressions of the handset are, as always, very good.  The short video on the Apple website is well worth a look, it really shows off the level of detail that they go into.  Pretty impressive stuff.

So, how do they do it?  They are now the most valuable company in the world, their share price is almost £700 per share and even after 5 previous versions of the iPhone, they still seems to manage to get us as excited as the time before, or is it just me?!

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